Posted on: November 29, 2010 6:18 pm

The Final Time

For probably the final time the Sooners will face Nabraska on Saturday in the Big 12 championship game. Which will probably be the final Big 12 championship game also. Unless things change, which is highly unlikely. This has been a great rivalry throughout the years, and it seems so fitting that in the last Big 12 championship game, it comes down to the Sooners and Nebraska. One of the most even series in football with the Sooners leading only 44-38-3. And now that the conference is losing 2 teams, one of which is Nebraska, could this be the final time of the Big 12 conference? With the recent news of TCU going to the Big East, it is another wasted chance for the conference to get back to 12 again. I hope that the Sooners win the game Saturday night, and they should. But this will be a battle, for the final time. I will miss the championship games of the future, but I am not sure if the conference really needed this or not. So many other conferences do not have a championship game, and it can be a help sometimes. But it can also hurt a teams chances for a higher quality bowl sometimes. So maybe we should put it to rest, for the final time. And to let the Big East get TCU? When is the conference going to step up and get the 2 replacement teams to get back to 12 again? And also not to lose out in the big power battle going on as to conference changes. Several conferences have already made changes and picked up other teams. The Big 12 conference has yet to make a single move at all, and not even a hint that they are going to. So i hope the Big 12 conference starts making an effort to look for teams, and save the conference before its too late. Otherwise it could be the final time.

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Posted on: October 15, 2010 11:30 pm

Friday Pregame for Iowa State

Almost time for the Saturday night game for the #6 Sooners as they take on Iowa State in Norman. These 2 teams have not faced each other in a couple of seasons, but the Sooners dominate this series, having lost only 5 times overall. The Sooners have currently an 11 game winning streak going, and Saturday night should make it 12. Iowa State has scored at least 20 points in their last 4 games, while the Sooners have given 20+ in their last 3 games. I see both those streaks ending in this game, as the Sooners should have no trouble loading up the points in the first half. And this could set as the best second half for the Sooners this season to date. They have to be able to become more dominate in the 4th quarter, and this would be the game to start getting that done, with a game @Missouri coming up next. So my pick for the game is going to be the Sooners 51 Iowa State 13. Everyone enjoy the game and Boomer Sooner!
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Posted on: October 5, 2010 2:21 am

Tuesdays Top 25

After another nice set of games last weekend, its time to come out with my first top 25 since the preseason.
1. Alabama. To be the man, you gotta beat the man. Tough one coming up @ South Carolina. And later @ LSU.
2. Ohio State. The second best, for now. But wait for the last 3 games, could be the toughest of all schools.
3. Oregon. Impressive so far. After this weekend though, nothing but tough games and quality opponents.
4. Nebraska. Impressive win @ Washington. But another tough 3 game stretch @ Kansas State, Texas and @ Oklahoma State.
5. TCU. Quietly impressive. Testing will be the Air Force and @ Utah games.
6. Boise State. Also quietly impressive. Now will the upset bug bite them?
7. Oklahoma. Surprisingly undefeated still. Playing not to lose football. But will the killer come out soon?
That is my top 7 with brief notes. Now for the rest of the teams.
8. Utah
9. Auburn
10. LSU
11. Michigan
12. Arizona
13. Michigan State
14. Stanford
15. Iowa
16. Miami Fl
17. Florida
18. Arkansas
19. Wisconsin
20. Nevada
21.South Carolina
22. Oklahoma State
23. Florida State
24. Air Force
25. Texas
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Posted on: September 24, 2010 12:47 pm

Friday Pregame for Cincinnati

This Saturday's match up for the Sooner's will be a trip to Ohio to take on the Cincinnati Bearcats. The Sooner's come in to the game ranked number 8, while Cincinnati is struggling somewhat this season. The Sooner's are 1 and 0 in this series, having won a slugfest in Norman in 2008 by a 52 -26 score. This should be a good matchup, a night game on ESPN2, and in the NFL stadium home of the Cincinnati Bengals. The Sooner's, just coming off a thrilling 27 -24 win over Air Force, are looking to go to 4 and 0 on the season. The Sooner's are 19 - 3 - 1 against Big East schools and 3 - 1 against the state of Ohio. Oklahoma has a 93.7% win ratio on the road, and that includes a 20 - 4 record under Stoops, while ranked in the top 10. The Sooner's have yet to play a complete 60 minutes of solid football, which is hard to do in today's time. And while Cincinnati has struggled this season, I believe they will not allow an embarrassing
situation on the big stage in Ohio. So I am picking the Sooner's to win this one 39 to 21. As always, Go Sooners!

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Posted on: September 18, 2010 12:01 am

Friday Pregame for Air Force

Saturday the Sooners take on Air Force in Norman. I am picking the Sooners to win one, 38-17. These teams have met only once, with the Sooners winning 44-3. The Sooners are 14 and 7 against Mountain West opponents, and 6 and 2 against Utah schools. Along with the Sooners being 68 and 2 at home under Stoops. The Sooners have only lost 9 times at home when they are a top 10 ranked team.
Air Force has the top rushing offense in the country, and an impressive win over BYU. But this is a case of the Sooners shutting down the option attack, and than the offense running the football. Altough I believe Landey Jones will have the best passing day that Air Force has seen to date. I hope it is an exciting game overall. Go Sooners!
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Posted on: September 10, 2010 3:58 pm

Friday PreGame for Florida State

In one of many important games this weekend, the #10 Sooners will face #17 Florida State in Norman, OK. While a lot has been written and said about both teams performances from last week, let me tell you why I am picking Oklahoma to win this game, 27-24. I know Florida State was praised for their 59-6 win against Samford, and should be. They should have beaten them badly, so really no shocker there. But over half of the points came in the 2nd quarter. against a sub-division opponent. Now can they do it against a top 10 team on the road? I also know that the Sooners caught a lot of flack for their opening 31-24 win over Utah State. But its not really a shocker, if you read my previous blog. But both teams face a totally different class of oppenent this week. Now if the Sooners loss Saturday, that may be more of a shocker than a close game with Utah State. The Sooners sometimes struggle in their openers, but in the second game of the season, the Sooners have not lost a game 2 since the 1996 season. Coach Stoops has yet to lose a game 2 for any season, and against top 25 ranked opponents, has a 13 and 0 record. The last time a top 25 ranked team beat the Sooners in Norman was in 1998, and that was Colorado by a 27-25 score. Florida State is a good team, without a doubt. And deserving of a top 25 ranking also. But do not count the Sooners down and out just yet. There is a huge difference between the Sooners and Samford. And while the Sooners had their struggles in game one, Utah State was the tougher opponent. All in all, should be a great game, and another Sooner win. Everybody enjoy another great football Saturday.

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Posted on: September 6, 2010 9:54 pm

Is it so surprising?!

This past Saturday was the Oklahoma Sooners first game of the 2010 season. In Norman against Utah State, the Sooners held on for a 31 to 24 win. This after being made a 31 point favorite in the match up. Surprising? Maybe not. Last season it was a 13 to 14 loss to BYU. They would go on to finish  8 and 5 with a Sun Bowl win. In 2006 it was another hold on 24 to 17 win, this time against UAB in Norman. They would finish 11 and 2 with a loss in the Fiesta Bowl. Than in 2005, it was a rare home loss 10 to 17 to TCU. A season which ended at 8 and 4 with a Holiday Bowl win. And in 2001, the Sooners jumped to a 31 to 7 lead against North Carolina, then won it 41 to 27. That year was a finish of 11 and 2 with a Cotton Bowl win. In the seasons listed that there were struggles in the opening game, the Sonners have ended up pretty decently. In those 4 season [2009, 2006, 2005, 2001], the Sooners had a combined record at seasons end of 38 and 14. They have beaten Oklahoma State 3 of those years, however also having lost to Texas in 3 of those years. They went to bowls in all 4 seasons, including 1 BCS bowl loss. And they had 1 Big 12 championship win. So maybe all is not so surprising after the Utah State game. The next test will await Saturday against Florida State, and then in October with Texas.

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Posted on: August 5, 2010 9:14 pm

The dust has settled for now.

It appears the dust has settled, at least for awhile, on the dismantling of the Big12 Conference. I had a group post earlier that reminded me of a few things. The Big 12 Conference seemed to llive or die on the calls of Texas. And why was this? Surely Texas is a top notch university, and the athletics programs are highly rated, and the big money boosters are there also. But not that long ago, Texas was on the outside looking in. Wanting to better their standing in college sports, which the Southwest Conference was doing, but the one conference that was doing better was the Big 8 Conference. They joined in, they did not form the conference, but gave an addition to an already stellar league. The ego of Texas has blossomed it seems, as they surely might believe they control the entire league? It is a loss that Nebraska and Colorado are leaving. And it will be also a loss if and/or when Texas leaves. However the Big 8 was around many years, and good ones, before Texas came along. And if evryone sticks to it, the Big 12 Conference will be also.
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