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The Final Time

Posted on: November 29, 2010 6:18 pm

For probably the final time the Sooners will face Nabraska on Saturday in the Big 12 championship game. Which will probably be the final Big 12 championship game also. Unless things change, which is highly unlikely. This has been a great rivalry throughout the years, and it seems so fitting that in the last Big 12 championship game, it comes down to the Sooners and Nebraska. One of the most even series in football with the Sooners leading only 44-38-3. And now that the conference is losing 2 teams, one of which is Nebraska, could this be the final time of the Big 12 conference? With the recent news of TCU going to the Big East, it is another wasted chance for the conference to get back to 12 again. I hope that the Sooners win the game Saturday night, and they should. But this will be a battle, for the final time. I will miss the championship games of the future, but I am not sure if the conference really needed this or not. So many other conferences do not have a championship game, and it can be a help sometimes. But it can also hurt a teams chances for a higher quality bowl sometimes. So maybe we should put it to rest, for the final time. And to let the Big East get TCU? When is the conference going to step up and get the 2 replacement teams to get back to 12 again? And also not to lose out in the big power battle going on as to conference changes. Several conferences have already made changes and picked up other teams. The Big 12 conference has yet to make a single move at all, and not even a hint that they are going to. So i hope the Big 12 conference starts making an effort to look for teams, and save the conference before its too late. Otherwise it could be the final time.

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